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gold medal for vengeance vodka
gold medal new york international spirits competition vengeance vodka distillery of the year
silver medal new york international spirits competition for vengeance vodka

Driven by Success

Vengeance Vodka dominated the competition, striking silver at the prestigious New York International Spirits Competition. Our supreme smoothness and unmatched craftsmanship earned us the title of Connecticut Vodka Distillery of the Year. And to top it off, we seized gold at the American Distilling Institute International Spirits Competition. These victories solidify Vengeance as the authority in smooth, small-batch vodka.

Vengeance Vodka Featured in the

Vodka Museum of Copenhagen

International Recognition

In April of 2023, the makers of Vengeance were invited to visit The Vodka Museum of Copenhagen which contains the world's largest collection of vodka. After meeting with the curator, Brian Ingberg, and offering him a tasting, Vengeance received glowing reviews. Vengeance Vodka is now prominently displayed in its own space in the museum.


"Vengeance Vodka is a new addition to the famous list of the best vodkas in the World. But this vodka is not just another addition to the collection, it's a vodka made with love and heart for the taste of vodka.

Vengeance Vodka is known for its mild and round aftertaste that quickly disappears, leaving a pleasant sensation in the mouth.

But Vengeance Vodka is more than just a fantastic taste. The bottle is beautiful and designed with care, and its logo symbolizes the strength and courage of a lion combined with the swiftness and vision of an eagle.

This vodka is made with care to ensure that each bottle has the same high quality and taste that Vengeance Vodka is known for. Each bottle is filled with flavor and history and is a perfect gift or addition to any collection.

If you want to try a vodka made with love and heart for the taste of vodka, then Vengeance Vodka is a must-try. It's one of the best potato vodkas on the market today and a favorite among many."

Vodkamuseum - Brian Ingberg

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