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Vengeance Vodka


Award-winning Vengeance Vodka is made in Wallingford, Connecticut. Its superior smoothness is the result of a unique and proprietary refining process that makes Vengeance perfect for sipping on its own or for elevating any mixed drink.

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martinis and mixed vodka dinks

About Vengeance Vodka


We hold ourselves to the highest of standards in the creation of Connecticut's finest locally-made spirit. Vengeance Vodka has been awarded multiple accolades in 2023, including earning gold and silver medals in international spirit competitions and winning the distinction of Connecticut Vodka Distillery of the Year.  Additionally, Vengeance Vodka has been featured in The Vodka Museum of Copenhagen, the location of the world's largest vodka collection. We are proud to have residence in this prestigious collection and to have received outstanding reviews by the museum's curators. Sip on Vengeance knowing that you're indulging in an irresistibly smooth experience. 


Through its sponsorship of annual wine tasting and golf events, a portion of every sale of Vengeance Vodka is donated to the New Haven, Connecticut community through The Amity Club of New Haven. This philanthropic organization focuses on two main channels to achieve its charitable giving goals: providing college scholarships for the education of local students, and supporting charitable causes in the greater New Haven area and throughout Connecticut.

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